Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Museum of Curiousity

Its been a fun week. Things starting to snowball nicely in preparation for my trip out to Las Vegas to play in a major US bridge convention next month. I'll be playing as part of the Kings and Queens bridge team, which consists of some good friends I've played and worked with for a few years now, on the wonderful online bridge site www.bridgebase.com, known to its friends as BBO. We're getting lots of good support, tips and advice from all sorts of unexpected people. Delighted however, that the team's mentor, a wonderful Indian national team player, and one of the brightest and loveliest men I know , was able to do a session with us. It was lovely to 'see' you again Zas-ji. Namaste, my friend and teacher

Last Wednesday, me and my old schoolfriend Zouk went into London to be part of the radio audience for BBCR4's remarkeable show 'The Museum of Curiousity'. As usuak, it was a really fun show, and we got to chat and shake hands after the show with Phil Jupitus, who is this seasons new curator, AND the ever-wonderful and totally amazing John Lloyd :). They were both standing outside the theatre, ready to go on to their next gigs. Both very friendly and happy to chat :)

John Lloyd talks about The Museum of Curiousity

Unfortunately, it was pretty damn hot that day. We had met up with a couple of Zouk's regular radio-showgoing friends and despite the heat we headed off after the show around 4.30 towards Soho, (like you do), in search of a pleasant watering hole, cafe or green space, while exploring the various interesting shops in the area. Eventually we found a nice street cafe and parked our bums for as long we dare with just a round of coffees and glasses of tap water.

It was about this time that I began to realise that:

a. The UTI that I suspected hadn't quite gone away with the last course of antibiotics, had returned with a vengeance
b. The 3 one-use catheters that I had brought with me began to look woefully inadequate
c. It seemed the delicious bite to eat that we'd had before the show from a promising looking Italian cafe near the studios had decided to add to my woes

and d.

It was becoming rapidly apparent that I'm in need of a decent pair of walking shoes, in addition to replacements for the cheap work shoes I had been wearing. Alas they did not survive London. Along with my feet.

And so we started walking again......... I believe I may be able to make a new claim for the World record in 'gritted teeth for an extended period'. Chancing on a small park, we stopped to watch a few folks playing table tennis on a free table. I darent sit down, what with all the teeth-grinding and bumcheek-clenching whilst endevouring to hold in my knees and the occasional gasps caused by decidedly unsexual frissons from down below. But there were a coupla Chinese players that we watched that were just messing around and were a joy to watch. Zouk and his mate were hoping to have a go, but there was apparently a queue :)

Mercifully, the other guys finally decided to head back to catch their bus so we walked back with them towards their bus-stop.

Things came to a head when I realised that I had shat myself, and besides I REALLY needed to use my last catheter. I spotted a pub just down a side-street and hobbled determinedly towards it. Several levels of relief later, I re-emerged and we headed home, rather drained (but in a good way).

We had to get back to Burnt Oak on the tube, then pick up the car and drive back to Stevenage. Where I quickly dropped Zouk off and dashed for home.