Monday, 8 April 2013

Pome of the Day: The Wicked Witch is Dead

Margaret Thatcher
School milk bottle snatcher
Heartless bitch, and none could match her

Took on the miners and sent them reeling
Destroyed whole communities, as ever, unfeeling
Ripped the country apart, and it still isn't healing

Took on the Argies with The Sun on her side
Blew up The Belgrano, countless innocents died
The lies and warmongering transmuted to pride

But she wasn't done yet, as she took out her axe
And waged war on the poor, and imposed the Poll Tax
It was one war too many, it put up their backs
Her government was routed, with her blood on the tracks

I can't say I'll mourn for the old wicked witch
A State Funeral beckons, its really too rich
No memorial needed, let's just bury her in a ditch

copyright Ian Cropton 8 April 2013

Thursday, 4 April 2013

'Space Donkey' speaks out

I have only just stumbled upon the fact that the term 'Space Donkey' appears to have several meanings in the Urban Dictionary:

Space Donkey

I wish to reassure my friends and visitors that I was unaware of these meanings when I set up my blog, and apologise to those who've had a wasted visit. But I'm intrigued and actually quietly delighted to learn that my moniker has its druggie overtones. Thinking about it, its the perfect description in particular of marijuana usage, and I speak from considerable experience here.

I have enjoyed smoking pot and more lately, weed, off and on throughout my life since my mid-teens. It is, and always has been, my relaxant of choice, and I still like to indulge in it to this day when I can afford it. One of the greatest joys for me in its usage, is that it does often help to unlock my creative juices. This I gratefully accept as a gift from nature. I don't believe that I place any burden on society by making this choice.

I should also add that I have many friends who have never used it, or no longer use it, and to my knowledge I have never said or done anything to encourage them to use it. I consider myself a responsible pot-smoker.

And I have to say, I have found it be most efficaceous in the dulling of the considerable back pain I've been experiencing of late, presumably related to my kidney problem.

I'm also very interested in exploring other areas of mental/spiritual growth, and hope to, once Dad's Estate is sorted out, get to grips with learning to meditate properly, and I'd really like to try to learn Reiki as well.

Plus so much to read in all related areas, I'm sure

Any thoughts, suggestions, gratefully received

Pome of the Day: The Twitterscape

The Twitterscape has a dichotomy
Great for spreading the word, but it got to me
There are so many a$$holes grinding their axes
That it does my head in, and rarely relaxes
Its just as much fun as paying your taxes
Which really is not how it ought to be

A piece of fun which I posted recently on a friends blog. Morning all!!!