Monday, 8 April 2013

Pome of the Day: The Wicked Witch is Dead

Margaret Thatcher
School milk bottle snatcher
Heartless bitch, and none could match her

Took on the miners and sent them reeling
Destroyed whole communities, as ever, unfeeling
Ripped the country apart, and it still isn't healing

Took on the Argies with The Sun on her side
Blew up The Belgrano, countless innocents died
The lies and warmongering transmuted to pride

But she wasn't done yet, as she took out her axe
And waged war on the poor, and imposed the Poll Tax
It was one war too many, it put up their backs
Her government was routed, with her blood on the tracks

I can't say I'll mourn for the old wicked witch
A State Funeral beckons, its really too rich
No memorial needed, let's just bury her in a ditch

copyright Ian Cropton 8 April 2013

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