Monday, 17 December 2012

Pome of the Day - Plebgate

"We have made clear that there should be no revenge attacks"
- Andrew Mitchell on the rebuilding of post-Ghadaffi Libya.

The Tories Chief Whip
Had to say 'Toodle Pip!!!'
After a night on the piss
He gave Plod some lip

'You fucking plebs!!!' he's alleged to have screamed
'Don't you know who I am? - You're gonna get creamed'
'The law's for the peasants, not us, the esteemed'

'I don't care who you are' said Plod with a grin
You can't cut through Downing Street
Stinking of gin
At 4 in the morning, may I ask where you've bin?'

But the story got out and although he denied
The use of strong language, the press took Plod's side
And another of Dave's posh chums
Had to swallow his pride
Delusions of grandeur, sadly denied

But what's this I hear on the news just today?
Mr.Plod got suspended albeit on full pay
A mystery witness confirmed Plod had lied
Ain't that just like a posh boy
To be spiteful and snide

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