Thursday, 24 January 2013

GBE2 - Reintroducing myself

GBE2 WEEK #88 (1-20-13 to 1-26-13): Re-introducing myself

Hello all. For those who don't me, I have known Beth since the days when we both contributed to the original GBE group on Myspace.

For those who do know me, its been a tough year and I haven't had the energy or inspiration to do any GBE2-ing. I've lived with my ageing father on and off for the past 2 years and watched in dismay as chronic arthritis set into his right leg and to a lesser extent, his hands. He had always been a very active man and found the loss very hard to bear, I think. Despite this, he was also very obstinately independent and routinely and politely refused any offers of help from me.

For myself, it seems I am almost unemployable - I assume due to my age. Coupled with licking my wounds after a briefly glorious love affair, I began to drink a lot and on occasions disgacing myself badly. Dad was quite clear in his disaproval of my behaviour but allowed me stay on in the house. I was at least able to pay my share of all the bills which thankfully meant that I could not afford to become a permanent drunk.

Understandably, my 2 sisters have also been less than impressed with my behaviour and now have as little possible to do with me. I am hopeful that we can rebuild the fences in time.

So it was a very uneasy marriage of convenience for Dad and I, and for the most part we lived pretty much seperately. Dad died peacefully in September. Although his passing came as a shock the family take some comfort that he is no longer in constant pain or befuddled with painkillers.

Since then I've grieved for him, buried him, helped clear his house and get it ready to sell, and moved into a 1-BR apartment - still in Stevenage.

I'm grateful for all the support I've received from my friends in FB-land and the online bridge community, as well as a couple of real friends who help to keep me insane.

And I'm delighted to have Music as the topic for my re-entry into GBE2

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